iVolution Theory

Trhough evolution as we know so far, we find human being and most of the animal kingdom equipped with the universally known 5 senses: sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch.

New technologies, understood as a whole that opens new fields and opportunities to individually and collectively, form a new sense that we have called 7sense and give a twist to the species: the iVolución.

Some species have developed other ways, probably as the result of specific needs and the selection imposed by the evolution of species: the sonar of bats, the magnetic compass of pigeons, and so on.

Many times we have heard of like a sixth sense as the special ability of some people to perceive, guess or communicate in ways that we have not been able to measure.

With my theory of iVolution I present a new sense that human being has developed and I will call 7Sense (Seventh sense).

Each of the sensory organs that humans possess has been inherited from the evolutionary chain and the need to create a group of specialized cells in the uptake of information available on different media, such as sight over light, hearing over the sound waves of certain frequencies.

Without being specialists in biology, we can easily see an example of progressive evolution in the fact that plants that already have basic systems for light harvesting to capture the energy needed for the process of converting CO2 into oxygen. Photosensitivity was probably one of the first senses to join the evolutionary chain.

In its evolution as a species, human being received the 5 classical senses and probably some more that we have not been able to document and isolate ... or we have not dared to acknowledge.

But with the revolutions (industrial, technological and knowledge) that we have chained up in just the past 200 years, we have generated a huge amount of new ways of communication and information (paper, radio, TV, bits ...)

At first, our tools to access this information were our senses that were used individually: eyes for reading, ears to listen to the radio; or in couples like sight + ear to see and hear TV. This has been this way because we need to use media compatible with our senses, althought the processes used as mecanisms for the generation, transmission and storage are not directly readable without the support of the technology (eg a wave, a hard disk's magnetic surface, etc.).

This entire range of techniques has been possible thanks to a privileged tool, gift of our evolution: our brain. And when we connect through the information we generate and we share thousands and millions of brains in a much more fluid and intense way than the physical proximity hitherto known allowed us, we have to develop technologies that allow us to access, decode and transmit all that amount of information and we have ivolutioned creating the technologies that make it possible.

The whole formed by all these techniques creates a space that exceeds the sum of them if they are perceived  individually and, overall, produces a new value, disruptive to the past, that leads us to a new stage of the evolution where the access to encyclopedic knowledge is instantaneous, the worldwide access to newspaper archives is guaranteed and free and communication with multiple people in different languages is immediate and universal.

We talked about a new material with which to interact: KNOW-HOW or (knowledge) as people and as species. And the growth has been so brutally exponential that we have give not enough time to our biology to develop sensor bodies as happened in the past with our evolutionary history, so that our unified huge brain has had to resort to outsourcing, creating appropriate technological gadgets: books, CDs, MP3, computers, phones, PDAs, iPhone's ...

They are all different evolutionary  versions of our new 7Sense or seventh sense, devices in which sensors and interfaces are acumulated and that connect to the parallel new universe of knowledge.

We don't know how it will look yet or if we will continue using it as common external smart phone or, at some point, we will decide implant and integrate it into our own body, but we have to recognize it as such, identify and incorporate it in our lives neatly.

The printed paper started a 1.0 path by spreading the culture and knowledge of a few (the same 1.0 path followed by the vinyl for the music, the waves for radio and TV broadcast and the web for information). The phone was our first 2.0 tool, path followed by Wikipedia, Facebook, Tuenti, Tweeter etc..

But 1.0 + 2.0 = 7sense: the union of both technological possibilities no longer can be called 3.0. Is a new meaning in a new space where physical reality and virtual knowledge are entangled, interact and confused and this is a singular event in the history of the evolution of species: the IVOLUTION!